Monday, May 5, 2014

More items for sale

More items for sale.  please contact me by email to purchase any items.

$15 each Photo 1

$25 each Photo 2

$20 each photo 3

$15 each photo 4

$15 each photo 5

$15.00 each photo 6

$25.00  each photo 7

$20.  each  photo 8
More items for sale..


I have a few quilts that i am putting up for sale tonight.  If you are interested in any, please let me know.  Some i hate to part with, but due to financial issues, I have to let them go. 
20 x 24.5 inches.  hand painted, machine quilted.  cloth and newsprint.  $45.00
17 x 19 inches. hand painted, machine quilted.  fabrics and paint.  $35.00
16 x 26 inches.  machine and hand quilted.  knitted cloth, burlap and beads.  $40.00
12 x 12 inches hand and machine quilted.  cloth, beads, fimo hands and face, yarn.  $30.00
9 x 13 inches.  machine quilted and machine felted.  yarn, cloth and beads.  $20.00
12 x 16.5 inches.  machine quilted.  hand dyed fabrics.  $ 25.00
15 x 28 inches.  machine quilted.  machine embroidery.  $75.00
21 x 24 inches.  machine quilted.  hand painted.  $75.00
24 x 24 inches  hand quilted.  computer printed fabrics.  $50.00
24 x 27 inches machine quilted.  $75.00
24 x 39 inches.  machine quilted.  newsprint and fabrics, hand dyed fabrics.  hand painted.  $60.00
26 x 34 inches.  machine quilted.  $125.00

If you are interested in purchasing any .. please email me at 
shipping fees will be added to prices. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

magic mushrooms

As the winter keeps a hold on New England, I get to spend my time working on quilts.  I have finally finished a large piece (4' x 4').  This was a commission piece. I almost hate to let it go.  I did manage to make two smaller pieces and a my first pattern from this.  I'm very excited about this.  I have several other patterns in the works at this time. Pattern will be available directly.  If you are interested in purchasing the pattern, please send me an email.  I'm excited about the new quilts on my studio table.  So look for more patterns to be out soon.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


The new issue of Art Quilting Studio comes out today.  I am excited to announce that I have an article in this issue!  Four pages, full color.. looks fabulous!  Now i need to figure out what my next quilt/article/book will be!  Looking forward to 2014!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Drawing again

I seem to move from medium to medium... Some days, I can't do anything but sew, some days it is drawing that captures my attention.  I started doing these fast sketches at night.  They are all done in pen and i add some pencil in later.  I have mentioned before that i like to draw in pen.  I had read a book years ago that mentioned that some people would erase and erase their drawing to get it "perfect" and in the process loose some of the spontaneity and get themselves stuck always making things perfect.  One option to get yourself to move on.. was to use pen.  no erasing.  Just the option to work with what you did..
I really like that.  Makes it easier to just sit and draw.. I not creating masterpieces here.. just an exercise for my brain to keep moving ahead to keep creating. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Wolf

16 years ago i made my first art quilt.. and my first wolf.  This piece was hand appliqued and hand quilted.  I have been tempted over the years to re-quilt it. 

Recently I have had the opportunity to work on another wolf quilt.  The BART Charter school named their Cross Country team the Wolf Pack.  So I decided that they needed a banner for their team.

I had so much fun making this banner that i decided to make another piece for their fundraiser auction.  this little piece is 15 inches by 13 inches. 
I do have two more wolf quilts planned, it's nice to take a break from the dark side and do something a bit lighter.  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Im still in the studio painting up gift cards.. Im really finding it alot of fun to paint on these little cards.  My daughter has challanged me to do a dragon.  So next week's challange is to make a dragon on the cards for her.  Meanwhile, I will continue to work on my faces.. they are morphing with each one.. and i really like the direction they are going in.  hope you do too!